About Us

In 1966, Anton and Zahie Nijmeh moved their family to San Jose, CA. They wanted to create a business that provided healthy and authentic foods for their children and their community. Their passion for home cooking drove them to open up a Drive-In. He started by selling hamburgers and slowly introduced his customers to his delicious falafels made from his own recipe. He told them, ďTry it, youíll like it,Ē over and over again. He was confident that they would like what they tried and surely enough, they came back for more. Quickly the word spread that Falafelís Drive-In was the place to eat the best food in town.

Falafelís Drive-Inís extensive menu satisfies vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Over time, their menu has expanded and exposed its customers to unique and exotic flavors.Nijmeh wanted to provide his customers with a variety of tasty and good quality foods that they could find no where else. Falafelís Drive-In is a truly unique success story, where one man and his family lived the American Dream. His children grew up to run the family business, which is how Falafelís Drive-In got its well known charm. Their commitment to authentic ethnic cuisine and fresh ingredients are the keys to its customer satisfaction and company success. The restaurantís longevity is due to its consistent quality and hospitality. Many of their loyal followers have been with them since the beginning. Falafelís Drive-In provides gourmet food with fast service and a casual environment.

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